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Yeah. They do. There's a strange paradox going on with them...
Female players (more accurately, straight female players)? Pff. Who cares? Let's dump all the crappy LI's on them and tear their hearts into shreds repeatedly by having a good number of said LI's die, betray them, up and leave, cheat on them, etc.
Female characters? All hail the goddesses of amazingness who can do no wrong, no matter how badly they treat you or others! You're going to be stuck with them no matter what you do. Go ahead, try and kill Leliana in Dragon Age Origins. She'll show up alive and well in the next two games! (Granted, that actually had a lore-appropriate justification, but still. For all intents and purposes, it's still the same character.) Try and be mean to Liara in Mass Effect! She'll treat you like you're best friends come Mass Effect 2, and your first - automatic - action is to hug her! Try to diss Lana Beniko and ignore her. She shows up IN YOUR BEDROOM watching over you in your sleep even if you're not romancing her! (But that's stupid, right? I mean, who doesn't want to romance Lana? Right? ...RIGHT!?!?)

It's a good thing I actually like a number of the LI's available for women in this game and others. Cullen, Garrus, Thane, Theron, Corso, Quinn, Jorgan, Blackwall, Solas, etc.
Let's see, though. Out of those... a few betray you and/or try to kill you. Several of them can or will die. One's practically engineered to offend the feminists so much they want to murder him on sight (that'd be Corso). One's tearing himself into shreds over a magical drug addiction (and of course you can force him to keep taking it, which eventually leads to his death). One's actually a murderer who's been lying to you all this time. Another's actually a murderer on an EPIC scale and is willing to tear apart the entire world to restore the lost glory of his people. ........okay, that guy might actually be the worst. XD
Other male LI's in this game? Andronikos - a gleefully murderous and slightly insane amoral pirate. Iresso - who? Nice guy, but boring. Doc - sleazy womanizing slimeball. Torian - actually a pretty nice guy, but...also kinda boring. At least he's Mandalorian. (Hey! Lunafox! Mando'a is not gibberish! ) Vector - hive-mined bug boy. And that's just for SWTOR.....
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