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I agree with this. While they've made a point of creating some strong female characters like Acina, Lana Beniko, even Saresh, I get the feeling it's still very much a dudebro industry. We've seen:

1. Far less flirts and one-night stands for female characters in vanilla. Comparing the male Sith Inquisitor to the female SI, for instance, is a pretty huge shock. The male SI literally flirts from his FIRST CONVERSATION in the game, but the female gets nothing. And the flirts that do exist tend to be less appealing.

2. The love interests for women in vanilla tend to be creepier and more questionable than the ones for men. There are the ones that constantly badger the player when she's said no, the one who betrays and tries to kill you, the creepy dude who pressures you into marrying him with a ship droid he's kept on hand...Meanwhile the male players get people like Vette, Jaesa, Kira, Elara, etc.

3. ONE - exactly ONE - love interest for lesbian/bisexual women in the entire seven years of the game. I love Lana Beniko dearly, but expecting every single lesbian/bi PC to fall for the same person and giving them zero variety is a bit weird. And for what it's worth everything about Lana makes me think she doesn't actually like boys, but of course they had to make her available to male players so they'd have someone to boink in SoR/KOTFE.

4. Slave girl and dancer getups and other revealing costumes that are not available to male companions/PCs. So if you want to dress your female companion like a sex slave that's cool, but you can't do that with a male one.

5. Less diversity with body types for female characters. The BT 4. for men is a big guy. The BT 4 for women..has a big butt and chest. Because clearly if someone wants a 'larger' female character that is what they mean, right?

6. Female (and gay male) PCs being betrayed by like three different love interests now...

7. Vaylin was tortured and driven mad, but she doesn't get a redemption possibility or even a fraction of the sympathy that is extended to Arcann.