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I agree with what you guys have said, but I honestly gotta disagree with the smuggler side of things. I actually felt a pretty great balance with the male and female smugglers with the flirts (save the LIs you can romance, as we only get Corso).

You can flirt with about the same amount of people in the class story, but I'll even argue that the female smuggler is the best choice out of the two concerning the actual arc. Sure, Risha's a very big part of the smuggler story, so she makes a good case as to why you'd want to be a male, but honestly, if you pursue the romance with Darmas Pollaran things can get VERY personal toward the end of the story.

Here's a video I made of the femSmuggler when she and Rogun find out Darmas and the Senator are scumbags:

If you play your smuggler as a flirt, but someone who actually falls for Darmas, she goes, "Darmas would never talk about me like that," when he calls you stupid and it's so heart-breaking. It fits the story, makes it way more personal since he's been with you since Coruscant, and it plugs in the theme that Corso's been trying to get your character to understand since he met her; "The only guys worth anything are the ones who respect you." It makes it doubly painful to get betrayed by Darmas because Corso told you the planet before (Voss, when you shagged with a cheating Voss) that one day you could lose everything for being such a whore. So like, now it's happening and femSmuggler is like, "OH ****!"

Plus, you can have sex with Skavak.
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