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Oh yeah. He had that lure about him, but I knew something was wrong. Zakuul is a utopia but they've traded in hardship and struggle for enlightenment and scientific pursuit. The issue is there's just too much of a good thing, and the people of Zakuul are simply bloated on it. My Jedi and Sith both understand this, when they take over they'll be still allowing this utopia but also making them able to at least defend themselves, to think for themselves, to not have to go downtown to some shady bar to get the conflict they desire.

I'm playing through as my Knight right now, I've had plenty before but they were always somewhat dogmatic Jedi. All of them would side with the Jedi and the Republic. This is the only one who would stray from this. Though my headcanon makes it sort of more obvious just why he doesn't care much for the ways of the Jedi or the Republic. Being raised on Ord Mantell and only becoming a Jedi due to being caught doing something nefarious towards republic troops is obviously going to leave a mark. He was disillusioned with the Republic at the start - being raised with separatist propaganda would do that. But he at least wants to help people and he's good at what he does, fighting.

As the story progresses, I've seen the republic do things that are out of character to what he wants to believe. The corruption is deep, even before Saresh sank her Lekku's into the Senate. They treat their soldiers like crap, they treat their people like crap. The god's sake, Coruscant has its own bloody slum, a hub for violence and crime. It's one step away from being Nar Shaddaa. Taris was a huge warning flag on how the Republic works, Belsavis is another.

My poor Rosenvik is just becoming more and more disillusioned. Can he be blamed for that? Of course, the Empire has slavery, xenophobia etc. He doesn't trust them either. If the game didn't force you to pick one, he wouldn't have gone with either. He doesn't agree with either of them. But at least the Empire did something to help his people and extended an olive branch. Which was strange in itself. The Empress working with a once Jedi? That's quite a step.

Regardless, this just gives me so much to think on. But with what the story gives me, I can probably have it where his 'fall' is simply more than likely to happen. He's been through the darkest of scenarios and seen the worst of both sides.
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