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Do to the Galactic command system, people who don't really care about rating or competitive are now queuing for ranked warzones. This is not only frustrating but shouldn't be the case. A lot of people think that ranked should be for everyone, I AGREE to a point. YES, ranked should be for everyone, but it should be for everyone who wants to compete on another level, and really improve their skill at pvp.

I think you haven't realized that the number of people in this game who do not want to compete " at another level" is 80% and that is why they had to lure more casuals into ranked to make it more ACTIVE.

This game has low population bro and unless you want to wait 30 mins for a pop you will make ranked accessible for everyone and that's how it should be.

PVP Servers are dead, PVP instances are dead, PVP guilds are mostly dead. DO you think many ppl would have any reason to bother with ranked if it had some valor or gear requiriment ? You bet not.

Why is it so hard to understand why Bioware made ranked so accessible for every PVE bloke out there ?

I would have done the same and you would have done the same if you were running this game. it's so obvious and logical move.

You don't make access restrictions on an already low population game mode.

EDIT.OK bro. I cannot watch your video for more than 6 mins.

So you want to report a player for sucking and not caring. You want new people in ranked yet you want to report everybody WHO YOU THINK sucked, did not care and threw the match.

Can't take you seriously bro. sorry.