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I've always had the sneaking suspicion that they either don't like female players, don't actually believe we exist, or think that waaaaay more men play than women, which isn't the case with this game. I think I read somewhere it was a fairly even split M/F player wise in SWTOR land.

Male toons, get more flirts all the way across the board. I used to keep track of the numbers and it was ridiculous how much more the male toons got to flirt. And they were fairly decent people to flirt with. One of the most horrific moments is for Lady Agent who makes the mistake of using her feminine wiles over poison to get info out of a source on Nar Shaddaa. The contact is extremely unattractive and to add insult to injury, you come out of the fade to black on your back, laying on a couch. No where else, with anyone else do you get that. Warrior also gets to flirt with an unattractive dude on Hoth too...if they so choose.

As for the companion romances, I was pleased with most of them, but again, men got more out of those relationships and more selection, with some getting two choices. Male warriors get 2, Male smugs get best female players who play warrior can have a 1 nighter with Pierce and female consulars can have a 1 nighter with Cedrax and after she gets dumped in favor of a hologram. How uncool is that?

The way I see it, everyone should've gotten two choices. For lady smugs, Skavak might have been fun as well as Corso...For female JK, Doc and Scourge...Consular...should've gotten to be with Zenith, cause I'm sorry, Iresso is about as fun as watching paint dry. Troopers, should've gotten Balkar...because aside from his voice, I have no use for Aric Jorgan. For me, cats are pets, not lovers, sorry. As for Sith warrior, a full romance with Pierce should've been available for those who want it. Or Lieutenant Rutau. I adore Malavai so it's one of the few classes where I am happy with the romance.

SI female should've had another choice too...either Talos, or someone else a dark councillor would've been nice. Maybe Vowrawn or Ravage. Ideally Marr, but I think most know what happens there.

Bounty hunter should have gotten another option besides the jibberish spewing Torian. He's cute, but I barely understand anything coming out of his mouth. Gault had a neat personality but another attractive choice would've been welcome...maybe Mandalore himself...or the guy in charge of the great hunt.

Vector is another wonderful romance, so my Lady Agent was very happy, but for those who are less tolerant of the unusual, another choice like Sanju Pine might have been nice.

Bioware does not seem to be in touch with much of their female player base's needs. Many have been bugging for Scourge for years, myself included, but I've yet to see that happen. The one rumoured might appeal to some, but not for me and those I know personally that play the game.

Theron was the one bright beacon of happiness and was a gift to the female and gay male player base. He was truly exceptional and now it seems he's being taken away through the story. I don't want to get into another horse beating match like on General, so I guess we'll have to see how that turns out, but I'm pretty sure they chose HIM because they thought there were more guys who play and would get mad and quit if precious Lana was made the traitor.

Lana may as well be made of gold, because I don't see Bioware or their devs ever doing a harm to her. I sometimes feel like their direction is to force Lana on ALL players...and I don't want her. Ever.

For me, the game would be vastly improved for the female player base, if they included more attractive NPC flirts...and more choices for romance partners across all the classes. Give us Scourge, that would be brilliant.

A lover on the dark council would be fun. So would a clandestine romance with another Jedi master. Relnex anyone?