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So yes, if this really troubles you so much, and you think an understanding of the dev's side and trying to find a compromise is moral cowardice, then you should use the only real power you have while you still can.
Look, it's not that I enjoy being mean to people. I don't enjoy getting upset about something in a game that I love, either. These things upset me because I love the game, and I don't like seeing it getting mistreated the way it has been for so long by the people who are supposed to be taking care of it.

Like I said before, the Bounty Week is (or at least was) my favorite recurring event. But now that I have discovered this one stupid problem, that will always be stuck in the back of my mind every time I click on that terminal and see the Ord Mantell Kingpin Bounty Contract quest that I don't even want to do now that I know I can't do it's preceding partner quest that was designed to go with it.

And I am well aware of the many other things that they have already messed up in the game besides this, like the heroic quests on many planets that they butchered to appease those who only want to mechanically grind their XP without having to talk to NPCs or spacebar through cutscenes they are bored with. And never mind how that impacts any new players that might come along who have never gotten to experience all that content they ripped out so the quests barely make any logical sense anymore.

I mentioned that before too, that this bounty quest thing is just one of many bad decisions they have made as I have discovered since I joined the game. That's why I said this is yet another thorn in my side that I guess I just have to learn to tolerate if I want to keep playing. How many more will I be able to tolerate though if this trend continues? Everyone has their limits.

If the devs actually turn over a new leaf under the new leadership and keep their promise (the one Keith made) to fix the problems in this game and make ample quality of life improvements in both old and new content that exists, and will exist in the future, then I will be singing their praises. Believe me I will wear a "I love Keith" t-shirt if that really happens. But excuse me if I remain skeptical until I actually see real results. At least I'm willing to give them the chance. But I don't have to kiss their butts while I'm doing it. Not after all the negligence this game has suffered over the years.

And lets be honest. Do you really believe that what motivated them to make this change I hate so much to the bounty quest in the first place was people asking very nicely to pretty please fix the problem that the high-level spawns were causing them? Or do you rather think it is much more likely the only reason they bothered to make any change at all was because people were hopping mad and yelling at them about their low level characters getting one-shotted all day on the starter planets?