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Blame the guys who were even more vocal than you 4 years ago.
One time BW takes care of an issue in a timely manner and they get flak for it years later.
My main point was, and still is the main reason why I was so annoyed by this, is because there were very obviously better ways that they could have resolved the problem. But since they were lazy and had a knee-jerk reaction to the complaints, they took the extreme route, which was whatever was the easiest thing for them at the time to patch. Or maybe it was just the first thing they thought of and didn't want to put any more effort into finding the right solution. Because any other way would have taken a little more thinking. I don't forgive them of this. It was sheer stupidity.

What *I* am getting tired of, though, is people raging on the forum about a (comparatively minor) issue I personally would like to have solved as well. Mud-slinging and demanding layoffs is a way to make sure that the issue will never ever be adressed. What goes around, comes around.
Well you know what I'm getting tired of? I'm getting tired of people asking them nicely for years on end to fix bugs and broken quests in this game and getting no response whatsoever. The only result you obviously get from that is the problems only continue to get worse, not better. Notice a pattern?

Then somebody comes along once in a while and raises their voice a little since nothing else has worked, and you act like this is some crime against humanity. People need to be held accountable for their mistakes, especially ones they have historically refused to correct, or they will just keep on making them.

So let's this thread again be lost in depths of Community Content and make a civil request in Suggestions.
Too bad that never actually works. I responded with my complaint to this thread because it was literally the only source I could find that even had an answer to my question as to why I could not access this quest in the first place. It's not like there is any in-game warning about this that players are told in advance that this is a thing they need to be aware of before proceeding with leveling. It's not until after it's too late and they have to go look it up online, and only find an answer on a forum where only other players have posted responses.

Do you really believe that re-posting my original complaint in a different section of the forum is going to make any difference at all? I don't think so. Especially not when apparently not any other players have ever bothered to complain about this situation at all for however many years this has been in the game.

And BTW: don't look into what 4.0 did to heroics, flashpoints, dailies and bonus series. You might get a heart attack. There is a reason why many of those who are around for a long time have a rather pragmatic stance to such changes. It's not that we don't care about new players, or never liked the lost stuff, it's more a case of "adapt or become extinct".
Have you ever thought that it is maybe because of this kind of complacency, resignation and acceptance of BS on the part of the players who are too afraid to speak up that they keep getting away with screwing us over so much? The thing that gets me here is why are you so concerned about protecting the devs feelings when they have given you ample evidence that they don't care anything about yours?

I like to call things the way I see them, and I'm not sugarcoating anything for anyone, I don't care who they are. I would say everything I have said here right to Keith or Musco's own face in person if I ever got the chance.

Obviously talking nice to them has no effect. That only encourages them to keep ignoring you, because you are not mad enough to worry about leaving the game or calling them on their BS in front of other players to make them look bad. So basically their pride is not being hurt enough to make them act. Sorry, but that is just human nature, and it's usually the only incentive there is to get someone to change something they are doing wrong.

The current leadership of this game's direction needs to be told that this kind of thing is not acceptable and they will be mocked and ridiculed for letting it continue. If that doesn't change their minds, then screw it, because it doesn't matter what you do one way or the other. In that case they will only get the hint after it's too late and there's no subscribers left to pay their bills.