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I find this whole story very interesting, and I want to be able to role-play it out in its entirety, but I can't. I am only allowed to do the second half and that's all. Which is BS.
Blame the guys who were even more vocal than you 4 years ago.
One time BW takes care of an issue in a timely manner and they get flak for it years later.

Or rather blame those that dragged the mobs to the newbies in the first place.

Quote: Originally Posted by Signalights View Post
Maybe this doesn't mean much to you, maybe to you it's "just another boring quest that no one should care about". But I'm tired of hearing that excuse from players that have already played through all the content and are bored with it, and don't care about the new people who are permanetly locked out of it for no good reason..
I do the event, I rarely skip the conversations, and aside from a few times I haven't played SWTOR at all, my merc who has unlocked all 6 kingpins did every single contract. So yes, I would like to have the issue solved. Now that the starter planets no longer have 3 instances full of ruthless high level players ruining the experience for new players, there really is no need to level lock that first quest anymore.

What *I* am getting tired of, though, is people raging on the forum about a (comparatively minor) issue I personally would like to have solved as well. Mud-slinging and demanding layoffs is a way to make sure that the issue will never ever be adressed. What goes around, comes around.

So let's burry this thread again in the depths of Community Content and make a civil request in Suggestions.

And BTW: don't look into what 4.0 did to heroics, flashpoints, dailies and bonus series. You might get a heart attack. There is a reason why many of those who are around for a long time have a rather pragmatic stance to such changes. It's not that we don't care about new players, or never liked the lost stuff, it's more a case of "adapt or become extinct".
Tune down reflections to pre 5.5 values!
Move inventory tabs back to the bottom!
Remove the blue glow from useable stronghold objects and decorations!