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09.23.2017 , 12:39 AM | #1
Hello everyone!

I have a problem. Maybe someone will help me.
I've started Iokath operation and passed almost all missions, reunited with Quinn and continue romance (and he was in the companions menu), but I can't finish Iokath because I don't have Tyth control module to enter the operation.

And after that I've started KOTFE and KOTET and after completing it I wanted to return to Iokath, but I still didn't have the Tyth control module and even I can't choose Quinn as a companion cause it says that "Despite ypur time apart, your love for Quinn is stronger than ever. You've decided to continue your romance" and also "Quinn reunited with you on Iokath, but you choose to go separate ways" (but I didn't choose the last one).

Can you give me an advice how to start Iokath again from the begining or maybe to complete it.