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I noticed that many of the flashpoint courier have gone missing. The Hammer station flashpoint courier is still located on Dromund Kass but most of the other have completely vanished.

The flashpoint couriers for Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders, Cademimu and Red Reaper have all disappeared both from fleet and the planets that they are supposed to be located on.

Also I noticed that Colicoid War Game is no longer available on group finder.

Aside from the flashpoints, the Black Hole area courier is also missing from the Empire side and the Section X area courier is missing from both thr Republic and Empire sides.

I even noticed that some of the heroic mission couriers have completely vanished like the heroic mission courier for the heroic mission [Man with the Steel Voice] and Travi Pott on Ord Mantell that give the heroic mission [Destroy the Beacons] has also gone missing.

Not to mention the ending conversation we have with the couriers after completing the heroic missions have also been removed completely. Upon completing the mission we only get the last sentences spoken by the couriers not the whole conversation.

Considering that Swtor game was based around having an actual story, why was the story aspect behind the heroic missions as well as the flashpoint and daily areas almost completely removed.

Are they any plans on restoring them back the flashpoints, black hole and section x courier back to their original location as well as restore the ending conversation with the heroic mission couriers?

Still I get the feeling that regardless of how many complaints we players make BW will probably just ignore this thread and continue on as though there is no problem at all.
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