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Darth Baras gained weight during the Cold War. When his fellow Dark Lords asked him why, he said that he didn't need to train because he was too powerful. This lead to an unnatural weight gain that has unfortunately forced him to refrain from fighting on the front lines. If the Dark Lords ever need to get rid of him, they plan to have him lead an assault on Coruscant personally.

That's the best roast of Darth Baras I've seen in this whole thread, and I'm not entirely sure it was intentional XD

I'm reading through all these and I can't help but have the visual of all these jokes and lines being told by young Sith apprentices huddled around a small table in a private room in a DK cantina quietly laughing to themselves.

It doesn't make them any less funny.

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Darth Baras is starring in a new production of "Moon Over Kaas City". He plays the Moon.

That joke had so many levels lmao
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