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Oh I RP quite bit as well, so I have full sympathy there. And yes, the Kingpins are unique, but not the henchmen. But, as I stated earlier, you can buy the Kingpin contract for Ord Mantell. I checked it specifically.
Yes I have the kingpin version of the Ord Mantell bounty already, and it does let me do that. But what happens is my character goes to the customer NPC and basically says, "Ok I took care of all the henchmen you had me go after, now it's time to go after the main guy", or whatever. And I am like, uhhh what henchmen did I already kill here? Because I never actually got to do that.

More importantly the starting dialog with the NPC that explains the backstory of why that character has resorted to the bounty system in the first place to get rid of this guy is not available, because that is only in the first part of the regular bounty quest. It turns out apparently his own family (like his wife and his kids) was murdered right in front of him and he was forced to watch because the guy is that sadistic, even though he is former high-ranking member of the Republic military, the same as my own toon.

I find this whole story very interesting, and I want to be able to role-play it out in its entirety, but I can't. I am only allowed to do the second half and that's all. Which is BS.