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The Bounty Contract Week is one of very few things I have a 100% achievements for, and I can tell you, there is no continuity. It doesn't matter which character you do this on. The only unique aspect is the Kingpin, and that doesn't lead up to anything.
Actually it does matter to me. Personally, I use the Bounty Week event as a way to roleplay my Republic character as a Republic bounty hunter, which otherwise doesn't exist as a playable class. Yes, people, believe it or not some players actually still like to role-play in RPG's these days.

The stories are short, but I actually do care about them. And the Ord Mantell one in particular has some pretty good dialog in my opinion, which FYI is not just some generic henchman as a previous poster stated. It's actually an ex-Colonel of the Republic who has gone rogue and started committing heineous crimes under the delusion it is somehow helping the Republic. So I am upset that the first half of this story is inaccessible to me, on the one character that I am specifically using as my Republic bounty hunter toon.

When I participate in the bounty week also I like to do the 1 regular bounty and the 1 kingpin bounty that actually correspond to each other. And now the kingpin bounty I have for Ord Mantell is just the odd one out that has no counterpart for me, due to a very silly thing the devs did a long time ago that makes zero logical sense. And I think they deserve to be ridiculed for it.

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Again you talk as if it is impossible to do the quest on a different character, as if the *player* is locked out because that character made level 28.
It is practically impossible for me, due to the fact that the only way around it is I would have to make a duplicate of my Republic bounty hunter toon with all the same armor and everything so the appearance would be identical, and then play through all of the story content that is required to get that character to the fleet, then park it on the fleet and just leave it alone, so I don't accidentually over-level it until the next bounty week. All this, all to get to do one simple quest, while pretending I am really on my main while I'm doing it. Which is a gaint PITA no one should have to go through.

And since bounty week is a short event that only gets put in the game every few months, this would require some very tedious timing to be able to catch it on the right toon at the right time when the quest is actually accessible to that toon, when the event is running and the toon is within the right level range. Note that on top of this, epecially with how fast XP goes in the game now, this has become an exceptionally small window that someone would literally have to dedicate one toon for. There is no good reason why this much difficulty must be hurdled just to do one simple solo quest.

And the function of the AoEs is to remove all the non-mission mobs from the area, not to remove uninvolved *players* from the area.
That makes no sense. The mission mobs for the *regular* bounties are always located in and around cantinas, where no regular mobs ever spawn. I'm assuming this includes the one on Ord Mantell, since I can't actually play it to see for myself. But I don't see why it would be any different from all the others. In any case, there was still nothing ever stopping them from reprogramming the AOEs to only do what they were intended to, and be unable to hit any outside players who didn't have aggro of the mbos.

Having thought about this in more detail myself, though, I'd say that making the "arrival" AoEs only hit NPCs would be a good place to start, and to do the same for the Kingpins as well.
I have done all of the other bounty contracts including all the Kingpin ones, and I cannot recall any of them having the mission mobs located in an area where other regular mobs would be within aggro range after the mission mob was spawned. Some of the kingpin ones make you go through some aggro mob areas, but the actual pawn point of the boss is in a blank spot of the area.

Samovan Bann on Coruscant, for example is problematic because he spawns in a questing area (there's at least one mission on Coruscant that takes the character onto that platform - you get it from the security services guy across from the entrance to the Gonthor Industries Heroic), and Lord Trok on DK is inside the effing Dark Temple where everyone has to go.
But that is only for the Kingpin bounty, none of which they bothered to lock anyone out of, so that does not apply. They only locked out the regular non-kingpin bounties on the 2 starter planets, but left the kingpin versions alone. How does that make sense if it was such a huge problem they had to do something so drastic, but only did it half-assed anyway?

So yeah, fix the AoE to be anti-NPC, and put the mission back for everyone. You have my vote.
Well at least we can agree on one thing, which is the most important thing. They need to fix this one way or another. But will they actually do it? Probably not, because this is only one of the many, many things that are broken in the older content of this game that they have been way too lazy to fix even after repeated requests and complaints on the forums for years on end. Another reason why this recent discovery frustrates me so much. It's just another thorn in my side I guess I have to learn to live with if I want to continue trying to enjoy this game.