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No, the option to do henchman contracts on Ord and Hutta disappears at some point. I believe the same goes for buying the kingpin contract but I need to check that. The henchmen, of course, are the same everywhere, so the achievements for them are not affected.

ETA: Something similar seems to be the case for heroics. My lvl 70 hunter can't pick up heroics for Hutta on the fleet, for example, but must use the terminal on the planet.
That sounds like a bug, because my level 70 toons can pick up Tython/Ord Mantell/Korriban Heroics (I don't have a 70 Agent or BH to confirm/refute your specific case).

EDIT: I think what's going on with the Bounty contract week is that only characters who start on the world the bounty is on may do the bounty. You can't do the Ord Mantell daily with a Jedi, and you can't do the Hutta daily with a Sith. My level 70 Guardian can't pick up the Ord Mantell daily, but my 70 Scoundrel can.

And since people wielding plasma torches consist of roughly 60-70% of the playerbase (from memory of the stats Bioware released earlier this year), that means a lot of people who mysteriously can't see that bounty.
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