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At least this way I can win or fail all on my own...

Make it a completely random 1 vs. 1 queue between all classes except healers, and add a stealth debuff or similar to negate some of the advantage for stealth classes. Weird as it would be, I still think it would work better than the current cluster****. But of course this will never happen. It would require BW to actually do something which clearly they no longer have the skills to do.


I guess I am just fed up with SR. There are simply too many variables in SR to make any kind of progress. When I am finally doing "okay" I am grouped with pve people or folks with the wrong class so to speak. And lately I am seeing quite a bit of queue syncing on the pub side. Sigh. Ranked is the last bastion for me in this game, so perhaps it's good thing it's failing.
Be patient. There will be 1v1 when there are only 2 ppl left playing the game.
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