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I wouldn't call "I refuse to create a new character for this" a good reason. And that's the *ONLY* reason a *player* would be "permanently" locked out.
I don't understand how having to create a whole new character and basically level-lock it in it's early to mid 20's or so, after it gets to the fleet, and then leave it alone until the next bounty week rolls around just to be able to do this one quest is somehow considered reasonable in your mind.

As for being permanently locked out, yes my MAIN character is in fact permanently locked out of the quest. There is no work-around for that.

In general, though, I sympathise with the wish to be able to do this at higher levels, and at least now you wouldn't get the problem of level 55 mobs nuking the lowest of the lowbies.

Well, you'd still get the problem of low lowbies getting nuked by the spawns, but at least they'd have the satisfaction that the mobs that nuked them were only level 12. Somehow I don't think that's very reassuring.
All they had to do to fix the problem was remove the stupid AOE from the mobs that was the actual cause of the problem, instead of locking out 90+% of the game's population from being able to do the quest at all, including everyone who has never actually done it before, and had no way of knowing that they only had until level 27 to get the chance to do it at least once.

And all they actually did was punish people for doing what they are supposed to in the game, which is leveling their characters, by taking away access to an event quest that many people enjoy, or at least want to be able to. I find no valid excuse for that.