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the new people who are permanetly locked out of it for no good reason.
I wouldn't call "I refuse to create a new character for this" a good reason. And that's the *ONLY* reason a *player* would be "permanently" locked out. (There *are* other servers in each region, and going to a "quiet" server to create a character there to do that mission actually makes it easier to do because there is less competition.)

In general, though, I sympathise with the wish to be able to do this at higher levels, and at least now you wouldn't get the problem of level 55 mobs nuking the lowest of the lowbies.

Well, you'd still get the problem of low lowbies getting nuked by the spawns, but at least they'd have the satisfaction that the mobs that nuked them were only level 12. Somehow I don't think that's very reassuring.
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