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Overall, I was happy with Charles' explanation, I think he did a nice job, but with one exception: the bit about the Emperor still being conscious as Valkroian (albeit weakened) even when he was trapped by Sel-Makor and when he was presumed dead between his fight with the Jedi Knight and his 'resurrection' on Yavin IV. What I really don't like about that retcon is that - in addition to really undermining the narrative of the JK and SW class stories and SoR - it is completely unnecessary.

Darth Marr makes a point of mentioning that Vitiate often fell into "long silences" where he was mysteriously absent from Sith affairs - because, it turns out, he was focused on being Valkorian. I don't think there was anything in KotFE that made it seem like the reverse couldn't also be true - that Valkorian would sometimes sequester himself from the affairs of the Eternal Empire, and even his family, for stretches of time when (unbeknownst to Zakuul) the Emperor shifted his consciousness to back to his Vitiate persona.

If such "silences" were also part of Valkorian's rule, even if they were significantly shorter and less frequent than with Vitiate, then the three years or so when Vitiate was "dead" wouldn't be an issue at all. Heck, they could have worked it into the narrative by mentioning that he ordered the attacks seen in the "Sacrifice" trailer seemingly out of nowhere immediately after returning from a longer-than-normal absence.
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