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09.21.2017 , 06:16 PM | #10
This genuinely upset me because the bounty week was my favorite recurring event, and now I find out there is this one certain bounty contract I can never essentially do, unelss I put myself through a whole bunch of rigamarole, like I said with a new character I would literally have to create just for that sole purpose. And the kingpin version of the quest dosn't make sense without the backstory that comes from the first half of the story.

Maybe this doesn't mean much to you, maybe to you it's "just another boring quest that no one should care about". But I'm tired of hearing that excuse from players that have already played through all the content and are bored with it, and don't care about the new people who are permanetly locked out of it for no good reason. The bounty quests are so limited as it is, and having one extra to add to the viarety of the experience would sure be nice. At least for people like me who actually care about doing this event at all.

My point is that decisions like this have been made in the game over and over, as I have discovered, without any regard whatesoever to how this affects the experience of new players. And this is by no means the only example of this kind of screwy logic that devs in the past have used to mess up the quests in this game.

How long as level sync been in the game now, and no one thought to remove this petty restriction after they implemented it however many years ago? Yet they still bother to run the event every few months, so they expect at least some players to still care about it. It's this kind of negligence that is killing this game and turning new people away in droves who don't have the patience to work around the problems or do like me and write posts about it to try to get this crap fixed.