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So my guild is doing Soa, and we keep having problems with the annoying *** RNG in the fight. Such as the tank getting mine trapped in Phase 3 so we miss a down, or chain CCing our DPS (we've had attempts where literally our Marauder or Sniper has been thrown around or trapped for the full 2 minutes). So my questions are as follows.

1) Is there a way to manage who gets trapped.
2) Is there a way for people in mindtraps to help getting themselves out.
3) Do we just need to have 5 people with 1000 dps to kill Soa

1) Have all dps in the last phase Bursting the prisons while sora's shield is up.
3)we got him to 8% with 4 dps and a vanguard tank, so potentially yes

The fight is based on luck; who gets prisoned and when, who dies before last phase.

If healers get prisoned and BoL then its probably a wipe, the only bug is the MT being cc'd at all.