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Eh, I think what your really trying to say Ble is that gear doesn't make you a better player.

We all know gear matters, all gear does is amplify whatever you are able to do at your skill level, but it won't make a better player. Like for instance, suppose someone is an awesome marauder player, exceptionally good, but he only has 116k HP when he loads into a match. He can probably run circles around a player that has 128k hp but has horrible timing, spams all there dcds, and tries to face tank everything. In the end, gear didn't matter for the guy with 128k because he was simply outplayed.

However, imagine if the marauder had the same gear. Then it wouldn't even be close, he would tear that guy up. So in the end gear matters, but skill, knowing your rotations and handling pressure is what makes or breaks the deal in most arena matches. Also, play an OP class helps too. xD

Gear isn't the end-all-be-all and very skilled players in 230s or 236s can make short work of unskilled players in 242s or 248s. That being said however it would be equally incorrect to claim that gear does not matter at all. Pit two players of more or less equal skill against one another in specs that match up relatively well, and the one with the better gear is going to have an advantage.

One rather obvious advantage is that the higher geared player will have a deeper health pool, and that isn't the only advantage. How can anyone honestly claim that isn't an edge?

If someone truly thinks gear does not matter at all they should create a new character in a spec that are they are already very familiar with and skilled at playing. As that person's gear gradually improves from 228s to 248s they will see their DPS or HPS numbers rise correspondingly. Since they are playing a spec they're already skilled with, experience isn't the factor, it's the gear upgrades.