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I read the entire post, and thanks for linking to it. I'm not entirely satisfied his explanation works, but it is what it is. It still feels like the chronology of his life is a bit wonky. I suppose I should just learn to go with the flow.
I don't think you should "just learn to go with the flow". I personally believe in calling a spade a spade, as the saying goes.
However, let me provide some perspective.

There is a lot to like about this game even story wise. Keeping up with the Valkorians....err I mean KOTFE and KOTET, the way I see it, were well intentioned but misguided and failed attempts at a new story. I find a lot of the story weak, but it does shine in some places. I don't hate the game because of the misteps of KOTFE and KOTET. I just accept that those were mistakes and play due to other parts of the game that are good. And, we are seemingly going away from everything Zakuul. I think before long (in the context of the story, not real life time), even the alliance will be gone or something like that.