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Valkorians character was *Intended to actually be somewhat likeable. That voice, well spoken, dignified and wise I actually enjoyed the cut scenes with him. But....That's part of the Lure also. Its been said in the class stories the "Emperor" has elevated beyond the Light and Dark side (I actually think that's *B.S. really). Firstly there is the Sith and Empire we all know how those are and Now Zakuul also at "First Glance" a seemingly Idealistic culture. However looking past all that we find virtually "Rome" of 100 a.d. Slaves, gladiators, greed, gluttony, elitism and corruption. The Sith, Empire and most at Zakuul are only where they're at because so many are below (and The Zakuul elite are totally ignorant and unable of everything outside of their posh existence. The Republic is corrupt for now but they know it and try to change. The others also know it but they revel in theirs while thousands, millions suffer to provide that.