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The for-guild pricing is a price for an entirely different thing. In that case, we already have a copy of the decoration, and we are just converting it so the guild can use it. The pricing I was discussing was how we get ourselves a new copy without having to buy a pack.

How do you price that? And no, the price for cloning my copy into the guild's reserves isn't appropriate.

But you have a point about rarity. Maybe that's contained in that markup I mentioned - the one that pays for not invoking the Mistress of Pain. For a gold-class item, She requires a bigger bribe than for a silver-class item.
I misunderstood your post then. You were mentioning unlock prices, which i took to be based on some of the decoration unlock posts that several people, including myself have made on the forums, that is, have an interface that is like the guild one, but for individuals. based on that, my reply would be related to the pricing here, and that the guild and individual should be the same. if a good argument for individual unlock costs to be higher is made, then the unlock cost should still not be some large amount, maybe double the unlock cost for a guild. so 50k to unlock a deco for a guild, then 100k to unlock for an individual.

i definitely do not think there should be maximum prices set on items available on the GTN, but the market and the people selling items should also be reasonable based on the demand for that item. when the spa arrangement was available, its rarity dictated the GTN price. if there are spa arrangement deco's still available out there and you are looking to sell, be reasonable on the price, and it will sell. if you keep putting it up for 2 billion credits and after 3 months it hasn't sold, you might want to think about lower it. i could see paying 50M for that spa arrangement right now, but thats me.