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The problem in the event's very first week was that nobody knew anything about it, so folks camped the informants inside the Hutta cantina, because it was the easiest place to reach. Add to that, that back in the day there was no level sync: The mobs spawned at your level, and their AOE attacks would hit every player nearby, so we had a situation, where level 1 players were getting nuked by level 55 mobs as soon as they left the safety of their starting instance. There may also have been some deliberate griefing... At any rate, not the best first impression the game made to the poor newbies.

Your necro to rant at the devs goes overboard, of course - you can always make a new character to enjoy that "great" story that is the generic henchmen contract - but I agree that BW should allow us to do the starter planet bounties after level 26, now that there is level sync, and the event is no longer all new and fancy.

(Edit: why is this in this forum? Is siccing max level mobs on newbies considered "Community Content"? )
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