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I'm not sure why the pricing is a problem for buying another deco through the collection interface. the same thing is available for guilds, and the pricing should be the same, which i'm guessing is based off the rarity (bronze/silver/gold) of the item.
The for-guild pricing is a price for an entirely different thing. In that case, we already have a copy of the decoration, and we are just converting it so the guild can use it. The pricing I was discussing was how we get ourselves a new copy without having to buy a pack.

How do you price that? And no, the price for cloning my copy into the guild's reserves isn't appropriate.

But you have a point about rarity. Maybe that's contained in that markup I mentioned - the one that pays for not invoking the Mistress of Pain. For a gold-class item, She requires a bigger bribe than for a silver-class item.
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