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I spend a lot of time on the GTN buying and selling pack items. I actually spend more time working deals in the GTN than doing anything else. Over the last several years, I have noticed the inflation on decoration prices has been far worse than for any other category of items I track. Worse than armor, companions, mounts, pets, emotes, titles, and so on. Something needs to be adjusted.

This has been made worse by the new style of dropping items from packs. There are no longer Bronze decorations, so none of them are common enough that the GTN prices are low for awhile after release. There was a time that we could pick up a dozen chairs for a reasonable amount of credits when a pack was new, but now we're lucky to afford one of each item in a pack. Buying a hypercrate used to mean getting at least 1 of each new item in a pack, at least all the bronze and silver items. Now you're lucky to get 3-4 decos for the $20+ you spent.

Since I started playing several years ago, I have never seen a change in the core list of decorations available for direct purchase from the Cartel Market. I have rarely seen sales. I have only seen new items added temporarily for the winter holidays. Although we now occasionally get packs of themed items (IE: Deepwater Decoration Bundle), we don't get single items or variations on existing items.

Here is what I would like to see changed:

* Make the space battle decoration vendors work just like the PVP decoration vendors. Once you reach a certain rank, you can buy as many of a particular item as you want.

* Add variant items to Felucia Stato's selection. By variant, I mean the same items in different colors. For example, I have seen the Simple Merchants Rug in the game in four different colors, but Felucia only offers one. The items already exist, so hopefully it's not as difficult to add them as to create new items.

* Add more decorations to the Cartel Market and change them out once a month. These don't have to be rare items, just useful items that were found in older packs.

* Felucia has a sister. Create her as a vendor and add more basic items -- chairs, tables, desks, shelves, and so forth.

* Make more items available for copying to a Guild, using the Purchase For Guild option. For example, all the Rakata decorations that come from the vendor on Fleet.

* Make decorations Bronze, Silver, and Gold again when dropping from new packs. The whole idea of retiring Bronze was that the new decorations would be more detailed, interactive, and higher quality. Based on the last two packs, that is clearly NOT the case. Not only are the decos more simplified in design and able to use fewer hooks, they are sometimes just a variant of an existing decoration. (Nobody is going to convince me a red hex or green bar light is a Silver grade deco.)

* Increase the limit of Felucia Stato decorations so that we can have a deco vendor at every stronghold.

* Release Bronze/Silver/Gold decoration packs more often. Re-release old packs more often. ADVERTISE it so that people know it's in the Cartel Market and don't miss the sale.
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