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09.21.2017 , 08:04 AM | #8
Wow, this is really, really stupid. So I just figured out that this contract exists, but I will never be able to do it because I was well past level 27 by the time the first bounty week rolled around after I started playing the game.

In fact the only way I could ever do it now is I would have to create a new character just for that purpose, and level it to the point of being able to do the quest, then just sit on that character until the next bounty week came along so I could do the stupid thing at least once.

The worst part is that this quest contains the beginning of the story that leads up to the subsequent kingpin contract quest. But the game won't let me play the beginning so I have no idea of who I am going after in the second part.

Absolutely ridiculous. I really hope they have fired all the people who have made dumb decisions like this to screw over this game by now. And they really should fix this because leveling in this game is so fast now, who is going to be able to catch a bounty week and get this done before hitting the point of being permanently screwed?