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So the JK "kills" him, we magically release him at the end of SoR, he goes on a rampage and eats Ziost, etc.--how in all that time-frame was he also Emperor Valkorian? He's been the Emperor of Zakuul for a few centuries, right? Or am I wrong on that one?

Is he able to multi-possess (like on Ziost) across galactic distances? In other words--that was only part of him that we fought with all this time and another "part" was living the high life on Zakuul? Did he take trips?
In a post some months ago, Charles tries to explain this away, but in my opinion, his explanation is weak and reads more like a bad fan thought out afterthought instead of "this is what we always had envisioned". He also says that in stories, not all gaps are filled or something along those lines.
Perhaps someone else will be so kind as to provide a link or quotation of what Charles said on the subject.

Again, in my opinion, the explanation of Vitiate also being Valkorian is weak, about as weak as the "official" Zelda timeline. Oh, yes! I just opened that can of worms