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I think you mean "improved availability". The unlocks being discussed here are *one* way to improve availability, but not the only one. I think they have an advantage over all other possibilities of simplicity from a user-experience point of view, but only really for CM-pack decos.

For CM-pack decos: a category in Collections, with all the decos listed, and a "buy another" button on each one. Yeah, I know, now you just have to set a price. I'd be inclined to do the basic division hinted at above: one deco per pack out of five items in the pack means that deco is priced at one fifth of the pack's basic price. We could argue about whether there should be a markup because you can buy exactly the one you want rather than having to rely on the non-existent goodwill of the Mistress of Pain, aka the goddess Fortuna.

For CMC decos: for these, all that's necessary is an improved supply of CMCs. If CMCs are more common, ALL items on the CMC vendors will be easier to get. Well. If we also have a supply of reputation tokens.

For mob-drop decos: that's a case of adjusting the loot tables. If they drop more often, they will be easier to get and the GTN prices will drop.
I'm not sure why the pricing is a problem for buying another deco through the collection interface. the same thing is available for guilds, and the pricing should be the same, which i'm guessing is based off the rarity (bronze/silver/gold) of the item.

the decoration market is currently being held hostage by people looking to make lots of money because BW didn't have a system in place from the get go, that would allow individuals the same freedom in decorating that guilds were able to enjoy. coupling decorations to RNG packs which they keep changing up how many new items they give you anyway, means the market for decorations is extremely volatile. its ridiculous. i can't even make 50M off a hypercrate for an old pack right now, but someone wants that for a single decoration from the previous pack? please.