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Not sure if this is a troll or you are for real.

You need to provide WAY more matches like that in order to prove this. I dont see what classes you were up against, but from the picture you can see a lot.

1. It was 9 am so its not the best players quing at that time anywhere

2. The Merc in the enemy team did 6583 healing, that means he didnt use Adrenaline rush, medpac or Reflec so what kind of Merc player is that?? (Not to mention his offheals)

3. The enemy team didnt have a healer and you had a dps/tank guarding.

4. Its a reg wz, not ranked.

Giving this info (I could give way more insights if I knew more) I can tell you it was pure luck what happened there. Gear does matter, at least it matters if you go in naked or not, there is less difference between 240 and 248 but being naked is definitely not the way.

Lastly, I recently leveled a new toon, got him to 70 and wanted to get to 25 valor for ranked so did PVP, I was Immortal in 2 matches in starter 208 (or whatever gear you get on a 65 token toon), so what does that tell us? I also qued for pvp while i was at work, so 7 am and 11 am my time).
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