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The Empire has done terrible things, but he's also seen the republic also do terrible things. The issue at hand is that one government turned to the worse, while the Empire itself seems to be going towards improvement and unity, evolution, while the Republic just refuses to change. I remember doing those whole black and white choices, where something that was logical and just was seen as dark sided.

I personally can't help but wonder if the need to expand and enslave with the empire, would die out if they gained help from the Eternal Empire with the use of droids.
Well, as I said, that doesn't really make to me. The newly "reformed" Empire is still much worse than the now corrupt Republic (plus Saresh is dead now), but if your Jedi thinks otherwise for some reason or other then they should pick the Empire.

I personally doubt the Empire would give up expanding and slavery with help from the Eternal Empire. They already know how to make servant droids. Conquering and dominating others is part of the Sith's culture.

The rest of what you describes sort of sounds like your character is a Dark Jedi, so it doesn't sound too far fetched for the to want to join the Empire. If they are already Emperor, then I guess it would boil down to which side's version of order you'd want him to endorse.