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Mhm, it's hard to see it. He's not evil, but he has no faith in letting a corrupt government rule, it doesn't work. In regards to Malcolm, he was in control of the Republic and I liked him a lot less than I did Acina. Does he trust Acina? No, It would be foolish for him to fully trust the Empress, but he knows what's he getting into.

Does he trust Malcolm? Once upon a time he did, just like he used to trust Saresh, and that turned out to be a big 'nope'. But at the same time he doesn't want the Republic to be destroyed and even if it wasn't, he still has to deal with a government that is corrupt, weak, can be swayed at the tip of a hat with money etc. He doesn't want the Republic to be wiped out and people slain, he wants to bring it under his control. And secretly, he wants to bring the Empire under his control as well. He wants it all. A golden age of peace. It's a long shot, it's ambitious, and in that thought process it can be seen as 'dark sided'.

Besides, removing Acina from power seems like a terrible idea. A power vacuum, them going back to their old ways and the likes. He wants to keep people who can be 'useful' to him close and don't completely repulse him with their ways. It's one reason why he'll be keeping Torian alive, in hopes of the guy becoming the new Mandalore.

The Empire respects power, and that's it. And he shows that in abundance. But of course, he'll make it painfully clear that if the Empire infringes on his territory again he'll retaliate. He won't let his 'Empire' come to ruin and will do his best to protect the people underneath him.

The Empire has done terrible things, but he's also seen the republic also do terrible things. The issue at hand is that one government turned to the worse, while the Empire itself seems to be going towards improvement and unity, evolution, while the Republic just refuses to change. I remember doing those whole black and white choices, where something that was logical and just was seen as dark sided.

I personally can't help but wonder if the need to expand and enslave with the empire, would die out if they gained help from the Eternal Empire with the use of droids.

In the end, I think my Jedi has long since thrown away the shackles of being a Jedi and Republic bound. The Jedi code doesn't work for him anymore. The Sith code makes more sense to him. Especially after the whole scenario with Marr and Satele.

If you have to be the Master and controller of the force and only your will matters. Then it makes sense to him, to make himself the centre of everything. Right down to the politics, but at least he'd be smart enough to have advisors etc, so he's kept in line. -Cough- To a point.

Deep down there's something to grasp about all this. If Valkorian wasn't evil and didn't do all the crap he did. He would have been the perfect leader. His Empire was a near utopia, but it needed improvement, the slum areas etc.

It's kind of revolutionary and rather sad for my character to admit that he wishes to rule like Valkorian did, but be the better man. After all, no one wants to relate themselves to Valkorian unless you're full dark side.

I guess for him, it's less, I want to rule, more... I want to lead, build and unify. The light side choice doesn't seem right in the want to do just that.
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