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Anything bad the Republic has done, the Empire has still done much worse. Acina is still a Sith. She still enjoys killing people. The Empire still wants to conquer others and is still built on slave labor. And it is still controlled by a backstabbing ruling class of Force users with absolute power.

I suppose if a Jedi decided that democracy had failed the galaxy and that peace could only be achieved through strength and power, or that the oppression of the Sith was a price worth paying to achieve order, then it might make sense.

I personally have a hard time picturing how a non Darkside Imperial Jedi makes sense, but it's your character. I guess you could decide for them to view the Empire however you want. I suppose you could also just decide to trust Lana's judgment over your former comrades.

And as I recall there is a dialogue option later in the game for Outlanders who take the Throne that says "I only can bring peace." I've never clicked on it, though.