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So, I'm putting through a Jedi Sentinel, Lightsided to a point but has his moments - I guess you could say he'd be morally grey, but whatever. Regardless. What are peoples thoughts about a Jedi Knight, siding with the Imperials when it comes to Iokath? And of course making Zakuul bend knee?

I was planning on doing this as I have it down in my head that the republic my knight once knew and respected has gone to hell and diplomacy sure as heck doesn't work. Of course, being with Scourge, being under the Vitiate's control and also having old man Valk complaining in his ear has also had an effect on his outlook of the galaxy.

I don't know, does this sound like it makes sense? Has anyone made a knight with similar backgrounds, where they've lost faith in diplomacy and feel the only way they keep the peace is if they're the driving force, the epicentre of it all? Perhaps, they feel that they're no longer a Jedi. There new founded teachings make it impossible to continue the way they are serving the Jedi order.

My main issue is that it seems to force a 'bad guy' narrative on my character. He wants to rule, but he doesn't want to rule for his own selfing gain of power or richness, but I guess to force peace upon a galaxy that has been ravaged for so long.

I guess being abandoned by the republic didn't help, and the Empire offering an olive branch was certainly inspiring.

Hmm, does a neutral 'fair' 'well-balanced' Imperial 'Jedi' make sense? Or is it just a product of bad storytelling. Honestly, wish there was a way you could just tell people not to call you a Jedi anymore.

P.S Would love if a mod could bump this into the spoiler section! I was an idiot and somehow missed it!
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