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"...Evil song playing in the background,The Eternal Commander sitting on the throne and plotting Theron's destruction,while rolling his lightsaber in the other hand.Lana comes in shortly after,disturbing his deep meditation:
-Sorry to disturb you my lord,but we have pressing matters we must discuss!
-What is it woman? How many times I told you not to disturb me when I am in vengeance mode?
-Apologies,Commander but we have some matters which need your attention. We have updates on the Order which Theron joined....and....
Huge blast in circuits and the throne room's holo rings and a holo image appears:
-It's been some time.."Commander"! It's time to finish what we started on Yavin!
- REVAN! Impossible,I was there when you died!
-Then you are foolish to believe so. I've been returning for years now,you can't get rid of me. This Alliance was supposed to be mine,now I will take what is rightfully mine!
.......Holocall ends.