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In bolstered content, yes, level and gear are pretty much irrellevant.
Yup, as I said before, during the DvsL event I went with my lvl 50 Shadow tank and managed to do Lost Island Master Mode.

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The droid requires ~12.8k dps.
This is a parse of someone basically only spamming tracer missile doing 6.5k dps, so more than half of the required damage. And it was done after the arsenal nerf.
So you want to tell me a bolstered, well played level 50 can't do that?

Seriously, people have been complaining on the soft enrage timer on this boss since it came out. And back then, if memory serves, you had to have ~5k dps to beat it. Also back then, a Merc spamming RAPID SHOTS did almost 2k dps. It's not a gear or level issue, believe me. I have proven this time and again, most times even with videos on it, like this. And yes, this was 4.0, who cares? You can throw sh*t in Biowares direction all you want, but the scaling isn't that bad that this wouldn't still hold true.

As outlined above, you actually only need average dps. Problem is, most people in group finder are bad. REALLY bad.

The problem is that the game doesn't give you any feedback on how good or bad you're doing. In order to see this in actual numbers, you need a third party programm.
As I said in the "Feedback on 242 gear limit" I know that the gear limit is not a 100% guarantee that you get good people as gear is really irrelevant in the game now due to Bolster. HOWEVER casual players are not exactly bothering to get 248 gear (not even 242 avg) so that means if the limit is set the casuals just wont get it. Sure, some bad ppl will eventually get rank 300 and start getting 246 and will be over 242 but its still a good way to ensure you get "raiders" or at least people with some idea into the FPS.
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