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It would be great if whatever the storylines turn out to be, they are placed on Kashykk. (heck, I can't spell it. The Wookie planet).

In some way it would take the choice you made on Iokath into account as well, i.e. there would be 4 options:
1. Continue doing missions for whatever faction you chose on Iokath from your own faction (easiest).
(I.e. Repub that chose Repub on Iokath, Imperial that chose Imperial on Iokath)
2. Do missions for the side you chose on Iokath if its the opposite of your original faction. They still don't trust you 100%, but you are starting to develop a reputation with your new allies.
3.Do missions for your original faction if you chose other faction on Iokath, however, they wouldn't trust you too much so you would have to do more to get in their "good graces" again. (I.e. Repub that chose Imp on Iokath do missions for Pubs again/ Imp that chose pubs on Iokath do missions for Imps again>
4. Do missions for the opposite faction that you chose on Iokath.And from your original. These you would really have to "butter up" the opposing side to qualify for. These would be the most difficult. (I.e. pub that chose pub on iokath do missions for imps / imp that chose imp on iokath do missions for pubs.)
There could be Various conversation options that reflected on the choices you made - and some of them might factor into Missions that would get you various of the still-missing companions.
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