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As others said, the story doesn't explain it yet, so we are left to speculate.

I *THINK* that Theron discovered yet another outside threat and is working with the "order" to learn more about it. Or, perhaps that "order" is the outside threat and he wants to infiltrate it or something like that.

It wouldn't surprise me if Theron's story parallels Revan's story in this respect.

After the Mandalorian Wars, Revan learned of the threat (Sith Empire) behind the immediate threat (Mandalorians), seemingly got corrupted but regained his right mind somewhat, and started a war not for the sake of conquest but to unite and strengthen the galaxy against the Sith Empire.
However, from the viewpoint of the Jedi and Republic, Revan had fallen.

Much like Theron's story, from our viewpoint, Theron has betrayed us or fallen. But, he is probably doing it "for the greater good" and said all this stuff about the alliance now being corrupt or something like that was just to "sell" his fall or betrayal to the PC. Because, for plot contrived reasons, he couldn't just take us aside in private and say "Hey, I need to go check this super secret thing out before it gets out of hand. I won't be back in time for dinner, and don't wait up for me."