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Oh well, there are some spots on some planets, where gathering is superior for their levels...

e.q. first 4 Levels IMP side:
Lvl 1: Dromund Kaas
- kill droids in bridge area between Kaas City and "Friends of old" heroic area (scavenging)
- kill mobs in "Shadow Spawn" heroic area and gather plant samples (bioanalysis)
- scav, bioanalysis & archeology nodes in "Friends of old" heroic area

Lvl 2: Balmorra (IMP)
- scav, bioanalysis & archeology nodes in the combat zone between Sundari Flatlands and planet's final Arms Factory

Lvl 3: no real "hot spot", nodes spreaded over Tatooine & Alderaan

Lvl 4: Taris: make a roundtrip through south west of the starting area, outside the brell camp, all gathering nodes

Lvl 5: Belsavis Section X: hunt creatures for bio, scav + arch nodes everywhere

Lvl 6: Scav on Corellia/Blackhole, Arch on Ilum, Bio: Zoo on Corellia or strong creatures on Ilum

Lvl 7: spreaded over Makeb

Lvl 8: Yavin IV: Temple ruins and Training grounds (rich spot!)

Lvl 9: Zakuul
Scav/Slic in the Under City (name in english?), reachable by trainstation
Bio/Arch in the Swamp, reachable by ferry

Lvl 10: Iokath
Good one, wunderbar