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I created these Conquest Calculators a long while ago (early-mid 2016) via Google Sheets and they were used to good effect for planning conquest goals. These once used the information from Dulfy, but Uprisings changed everything when they were added to the mix, then 5.8 hit... and Dulfy's lists are now inaccurate.

I'm now updating them to the new conquest system introduced in 5.8, taking the information straight from the game. And, I'm keeping them shared with the community .

(You must be able to use Google Sheets. You will want to make a copy on your Google drive to use.)

Here's the links to the calculators:

Clash in Hyperspace (5.9.1)
Death Mark (v5.9)
Emergency Operations (v5.8a)
Flashpoint Havoc (v5.8a)
Mechanical Warfare (v5.9)
Plunder of Iokath (tbu)
Relics of the Gree (v5.9)
Rakghoul Resurgence: Alderaan (5.9.1)
Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia (v5.8a)
Rakghoul Resurgence: Tatooine (tbu)
Revenge of the Revanites (tbu)
The Balance of Power (tbu)
The Dread War (v5.9.1)
The Trade Emporium (tbu)
Titans of Industry (tbu)
Total Galactic War (v5.8a)

Because of the new randomization, these calculators may shift with new objectives and planets.
Items marked with 'tbu' will be updated when the event goes live again.
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