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Many thanks for clicking my referral last month! Depending on where you play I could help you (I have active toons on half the servers)
I did...? Well more like thanks to you for the 7 days free to finish Umbara xD Got hooked again tho and had to sub haha.... Your like a drug dealer dude xD One hit for free.... I guess your forum post or reply must be the first on google when you type "swtor referral links" xD Always typing that when a new expansion comes round

I'm on TRE, haven't started gathering really yet but wanted to get acquainted with it you know, more been doing Strongholds for my first time and trying to complete the Shroud/Seeker missions and then I wanna try get HK-51... Basically lately I've just decided to do all the stuff I've put off for years because it wasn't main story which I usually play exclusively xD