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If you are BW employee I said everything in one sentence,
I'm *so* glad that when I wrote a post that says that your suggestion is reasonable, you think I'm a BW employee. Where did you drag that up from?

And yes, of course it's easy to set a price. All you have to do is pick a number out of the air. What's hard is setting a correct (hint: first define that: good luck, you'll need it) price. I'd say that yours are probably too low, or at least that BioWare would think so.

Consider: a CM pack costs around 200CCs and drops on average about one deco per two or three packs, something like that. That implies that the per-deco cost is on the order of 500CCs. Heck, even if it is one deco every pack (it isn't), that would be 200 CCs per deco. Yes, of course, you get other things in the packs, so divide the 200 by (in modern packs) 5, giving at least 40 CCs per deco. Suddenly selling them for 10-20 CCs isn't conducive to further pack sales. This is why I say that regardless of what you or I think, they wouldn't agree on 10-20 CCs per deco.

CMC-sourced decos are a different story. Ultimately, the problem isn't the availability of the decos themselves. If you have the CMCs, go to the vendor and buy the decos. The problem is the availability of the CMCs - there's a whole lot of other things you can buy with them (interesting armour sets, speeders, weapons, etc.), so an additional source of CMCs would be a good thing.

And of course that leads me to something else. The issue you highlight is in no way limited to decorations. What do I do if I'd like a copy of Thana Vesh's armour? Can I buy it on the CM? (Perhaps, during one week, at some ill-defined future time.) Can I find it on the GTN? (Maybe. Depends who has one lying around that he wants to get rid of.) Where else? Ah, over there, at one of the CMC vendors in the Cartel Bazaar on the Fleet. For CMCs. Which brings us back to the CMC problem.

So, to recap. Is this type of vendor a good idea? Yes, probably. Is it automatically easy to set a reasonable price? No, not really, partly because "reasonable" is a teeny tiny bit subjective. Is it in any way *necessary*? No. The game functions without it(1). Even strongholds function without it, especially when you consider that the main pressure on decoration supplies these days is from Conquest, and that doesn't require anything but running around placing whatever junk you have. Endless rows of Basic Metal Chairs, Companions, speeders, pets, beds, shelves, and so on. But it *is* a good idea.

(1) We *need* air, water, food, and things (clothes, housing) to protect us from the weather. Anything else is a luxury.
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