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Edit: Also, not sure what you mean by the distributions are different? Do you only find each type of mat in certain areas of each map? The way you said all Bio resources are in the Endless Swamp on Zakuul etc? Cos if that was the case I will have to try find a map that will tell me the general area of the resources on each map.
That's pretty much exactly what I meant. There's usually a sort of sense in the distributions. Let's look at Zakuul, then at Yavin.

On Zakuul, there are three "open" maps, that is, maps where you can run around without being in an instance. They are The Endless Swamp, The Undercity / Old World, and Breaktown.

The Endless Swamp is a mix of Bio and Arch nodes because, well, because there's no *obvious* location on Zakuul for Arch nodes, so they are kind of everywhere, while it doesn't make much sense to find spare computers (slicing) or piles of scrap metal (Scav) in a swamp. Animal parts and weird plants(1), however, seem like a good fit, so the swamp is full of Bio nodes as well as the Arch nodes.

The Undercity and Breaktown are both urban and a bit scruffy. Well, OK, Breaktown's a *lot* scruffy. Either way, both are reasonable places to find scrap metal and junked computers, so Scav and Slicing rule. And because it's urban, neither of them is suitable for weird plants, so no Bio nodes, while all the weird crystals and strange carved tablets were dug up or buried centuries ago, so no Arch nodes.

On Yavin, it's kind of similar, sort of. There are five maps; the Coalition Camp, the first Republic Camp, the first Imperial Camp, the Revanite training temple, and the Massassi temple.

The Coalition camp has no nodes at all.

The two "first" camps are both in the jungle, but the jungle has Bio and Scav nodes (instead of Bio/Arch) because Arch is obviously going to be found elsewhere, and Slicing is, too, while Scav lacks an obvious location, and is found a bit everywhere.

The Revanite training temple area is an archaeologists wet-dream, so has loads of Arch nodes, and there are also some Slicing nodes.

The Massassi temple area has walking Bio nodes called things like "Massassi Crusher", and a few conventional heavy animals (Alpha Lurkers, Krakawhatsits), and also a few Deformed Fungus Bio nodes. There's also a scattering of other types, but I guess the Massassi have wrecked a lot of it.

One last planet, just by way of comparison: Nar Shaddaa.

On Nar Shaddaa, there are *no* obvious locations for anything, so all maps have a rather random mix of all node types. Bio nodes are in large planters, while there are piles of scrap metal, junked computers, and weird crystals on the ground more or less anywhere.
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