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Oh, Almar's guides are now offline.

1) You still have this, covers vanilla game with 1-6 mats (some are obsolete, the nodes still exist but yield a simplified resource)

The advantage now is you can harvest the highest mat as a beginner. So as soon as you get your ship or a heroic transport you could teleport to Zakuul and farm grade 10 mats...

There are some great areas in the game, such as the Sundari Flatland plains on Balmorra for grade 2 or 4 mats (depending if imperial or Pub version of planet) or Rishi for grade 8 mats.

2) Also be aware that some stronghold decorations yield mats.
You don't need crew skills to harvest these. Check the link above. They're called utility decos, crafting subtype. Example : bronzium wreckage, perfect upari crystal, noxious fern. They range from grade 1 to grade 8 for scavenging and archaeology, and 1-7 for bioanalysis. You can harvest 3-8 mats of both type (ie fragments + power crystals) at once, takes 15 seconds (I'd LOVE for this to be reduced to 3 seconds) and sometimes you get to harvest several times in a row. Example you harvest a Desh Junk Pile and you obtain 4 desh and 5 silica. Luckily you get to harvest it again and this time you get 6 desh and 3 silica, but get the debuff, no more harvesting for that toon for 4 hours. If meanwhile you want another toon to harvest the same deco again you need to either load another instance or remove the deco and put it back to reset it, or wait 4-5 minutes (this is the node's own cooldown, separate from your toon's node harvesting cooldown).

This also replicates slicing nodes, which yield small but handy amounts of money (have been nerfed to death) and sometimes some skill missions. example Electronic brain, encrypted terminal.

With a permission (silver key or gold) you can harvest these either from your guild stronghold or from a friend's if you don't have them yourself. Once you get the "finished harvesting" debuff you need to wait 4 hours of real time until you harvest decorations again.

At level 15 you can take the stronghold quest on fleet or in the market of your capital planet, as soon as you set foot in your personal stronghold (and actually walk 2 paces) you'll get a lot of basic decos including 4 of starter level for each type : Desh junk pile, Rubat crystal, Dielectric Tendril, Electronic Safe. Plus a load of XP !