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If you were minded to, you could join one of the GSF schools that Drak and others run occasionally.

If you organise/host an event for newbies only, or stock ships only, you might have an easier time. - There have been several themed events over the past years. All you need is a few friends or guildmates to queue up, which will boost the numbers and make the pops happen a bit faster.

But the best practice is to play lots, work as a team, and don't blindly rush to the nearest target all guns blazing - it's likely to be a scout with some heavy firepower backup, so take a minute to suggest a strategy in chat, and direct a few ships to take nodes or control sectors of the map, and let any vets do the hard dogfighting, while you pick off any injured ships or stragglers. Even ace pilots need wingmen to keep the swarm off their six, or to stop battlescouts taking out their Gunships, or escorts for their bombers, or node guards. - Your support may not always be rewarded in medals, but it might tip your team closer to a win.

If there are no games popping, use the tutorial to practice whizzing around objects, how your manoeuvres work, and explore the map for good places to hide, launch attacks from, leave drones at etc. ofc it won't always match the map you get in a live match, but the principles are the same.

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