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Yeah, we don't know anything for sure, but it's pretty clear that not all is as it seems. Theories include -

1 - Theron is being Theron and jumped in head-first without thinking and has gone deep undercover and everything he said was a show for whoever was listening (because yeah, like 97% of it was way out of character for him)
b - Theron really isn't Theron and it's a disguised infiltrator (like with the IA storyline)
3 - Mind-control shenanigans
d - Theron is being coerced into it

Either way, it was sort of obvious that he wasn't out to kill the Commander (at all) and he deliberately left the crystals behind even though he was supposedly there to steal them, so he wanted the Alliance to have them.

Personally, I'm sitting on option 1. If you haven't read the companion media that stars Theron, I highly recommend it to get great insight into his character, more than you'll get from the game alone. Check out 'The Lost Suns' comic series and the novel 'Annihilation.' I'm actually reading 'Annihilation' again for the second time to see if there was anything I missed.
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