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Well i can partially agree with people in the thread that it is in some way skill that is the issue, sure, but concider that a level 50 player has only reached about halvway through the skilltree/talenttree and are missing alot of key element, like active and passive skills, to perform an optimal dps rotation, there is no freaking way that a level 50 can perform on par with a level 70 top tier geared player, doesn't mather how skilled he or her is or if he or her has bolstering. If a level 50 could perform as a level 70 toptier geared player, gearing and leveling is essentially useless in terms of pve content and gearing.
The bold part is actually the case in SWTOR.
Until you are going to step into content without bolster, speaking Veteran and Master mode operations, gear is of no concern at all, as long as you have anything in your gear slots and the level is just a silly number in the end.

Of course a skilled well playing level 50 is not able to parse the same numbers than a equally skilled level 70 with top gear, but the difference is way smaller than you think and the level 50 knowing what he does, will out parse any level 70 who is having no clue. The difference is like with a level 70 that has the item level of what boost the bolster gives to a top geared high end NIM raider. And you just don't need NIM level gear or player skill to clear the Master mode FPs, the difference is, the NIM player is able to carry the group while the other would have a hard time trying.
Same with a level 50, knowing how to play the class/role he is fully capable to do his share, maybe even a 120% performance, but he can't compensate for someone doing only 50% or less. But in the end he shouldn't have to carry anyone.

All classes have most of their important abilities for the rotation by level 50, there are very few skills you get afterwards and most of them are kind of passive like CD reductions or are defensive and movement related.
Yes, they help to perform better once you have them, but the margin isn't that big.

Especially with so many RND players in GF that just use their basic attacks like an assassin in Rakata yesterday building up his procs but never ever using them and always standing in front of the enemies. The operative staying on range using his few rifle attacks and so on, there are numerous examples everyone regularly running GF is able to tell of.
But there is also the fact, often enough it's still enough (came through Rakata without wipes it just took ages). Though I admit rarely with those bosses you mentioned, if there isn't a very good DPS player to carry them. But as said before there should be no need to carry others that much in the first place. All have to do their part and any level 50 knowing how to play his class is very well capable of that.
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