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Like the type of gathering you can do yourself without missions? I have never really done it and I'm wondering if there's any guide to the best locations per skill etc.
As the other answer said, there isn't a best location per skill.

* Each planet except the starter worlds has its own set of gatherable resources. A particular planet will have one grade of resources (1-10), and the further you are in the total story, the higher the grade. See below.
* Each planet that has resources has all four gatherable types (Scav, Bio, Arch, and Slicing) at the same grade. They might have different distributions within the planet, but they're all there. See below.
* If you want lower or higher graded resources than a planet offers, you must go to a different planet.

So, which planets have which grades? Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Imperial Balmorra, and Republic Taris all have Grade 1. Zakuul and Darvannis have grade 9. Iokath has grade 10. Yavin has grade 8. And so on. I don't have a complete list immediately to hand, sorry.

And why are the distributions different? Well, the best example is Zakuul. All the Bio resources are in the Endless Swamp, along with a bunch of Arch resources. Breaktown has Scav and Slicing. But there are similar unevennesses on, say, Yavin: around the first temple building in the middle of the map, there are many Arch nodes, but around the two initial camps (on the right on the map), you'll find mostly Bio and Scav and not much Arch, if any.

And don't forget to slaughter heavy (sliver, gold, and champion) droids (Scav) and beasts (Bio) for extra nodes. On Yavin, heavy Massassi count as beasts.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.